10 amazingly attractive girls from heavy metal bands


Heavy metal as a music genre has an all-around reputation slightly better than a sound of pneumatic hammer. Vast majority of population never even realizes that there are sub-genres in heavy metal that sound like classical music with guitars added into it. Not only that, but some of the girls in heavy metal bands would not look out of place on the cover of fashion magazines. However, since they are only known to the fans of this niche music, these girls don’t get as much coverage as they would if they played pop.

To introduce some of the amazing metal girls to the wider public and to show you what you have been missing, here is a quick overview in no particular order:



Floor Jansen, vocalist in Nightwish



You can see Floor and the band in action here:




Elize Ryd, vocalist in Amaranthe


Here is Elize as a guest in a video with Timmo Tolkki’s Avalon:

As mentioned above, her regular band is called Amaranthe. This particular name will show up a bit later down the list so let’s explain where it comes from.

What is “Amaranthe” ?
A myth from ancient Greece says that King Abas of Euboea had a son Amaranthe (sometimes also spelled as Amaranthus). He was a great hunter and goddess Artemis fell in love with him. One day Amarante insulted Poseidon, god of water by claiming that the food and trophies of the hunt were superior to that of the fishing. So Poseidon sent a big wave that pulled Amarante into the sea and drowned him. Because gods are forbidden from bringing mortals back to life, Goddess Artemis collected the body of Amaranthe and turned him into am immortal flower that never fades. Not even during the winter. That way she can remember him forever.

And this is how the ancient myth explains the fact that all over the Mediterranean area there is a perennial flower called Amaranthe that never dies. Not even during the winter.




Karin Axelsson, (ex) bass player in Sonic Syndicate


Here is Karin and the band:




Simone Simons, vocalist in Epica


Here is Simone and the band in “Design your universe”.
Heads up: this almost 10 minute song has a long intro. Skip to 2:30 and wait 60 seconds to see if you like it.




Alissa White-Gluz, vocalist in Arch Enemy



Here is Alissa singing “War Eternal”:




Manda Ophuis, vocalist in Nemesea


Check out Manda’s vocal cords (and the rest of her) in this video:




Sharon den Adel vocalist in Within Temptation


Here is Within Temptation live with Sharon singing a duet with Anneke van Giersbergen:




Ailyn Giménez vocalist in Sirenia


Here is Ailyn in “Path to decay”:




Cristina Scabbia vocalist in Lacuna Coil


Here is a video where Cristina ganged up with Apocaliptica in “Anything but love”:




Tarja Turunen


Here is Tarja in a duet with Sharon den Adel:

Tarja is now singing solo but she was the original singer of the band Nightwish. After a while she was not getting along with the band any more so they went together on one lat tour entitled “End of an era”. After the tour finished they went separate ways.

Her first video after the split was entitled “I walk alone”.

The band’s first video after the split was called “Amaranthe”.    Sound familiar?



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