3 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog

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Take a cup of warm coffee (or tea) and let’s talk about a blog. There are more reasons to have your blog. Creativity is a great thing, but there is more to it. With your blog, you can establish authority, attract an audience, create opportunities, meet new people, and of course – stand out!

With your blog, you’ll become more confident. Imagine seeing your domain (YourName-lastname.com) online. And imagine sending to someone with email and your email says YourName@YourName-lastname.com. It’s something else, isn’t it? Bloggers say “If you have a your web, you’ll get your respect”.

But, the 3 main reasons you should start a blog will make you think:



3. Eloquence

Eloquence was always valued. Of course, no one is born with skills to write elegant and persuasive words. You need a practice. And the best way is to have your blog, because it will help you along in various ways. For example, you need eloquence in your a presentation, a résumé / CV, because with good writing can sway in your favor. Which takes us to the next reason to have a blog.


2. Money

Yes, money. These days everyone needs a little extra money on the side. Did you know that some bloggers are making a huge of money?

For example look at this guy. I bet that you never heard about him. And yet look at this video at 1:42 and see this guy pulls out a check out of the of envelope. The check is by Google. He gets a monthly check for $15,000. By the way he is from Italy.

He made a million dollars form Google ads. Without any gigs!!! See it for your self here: http://www.tedxassisi.com/speaker/robin-good/

Well, of course Robin is in the tech niche. However, the real money is the website entertainment.
For example, boredpanda.com is just about funny images and cats. And yet it is valued between $17,000 000 or 121,000,000 . People say “Gees, I could write that.” Yes, you can. And you just need a website. For example, Viralnova com is valued at $150,000,000 (yes, one hundred and fifty million). If your website is just 10% of that success, you could still have $15,000,000 (yup, fifteen million). What would you do with it?

Gucci or Louis Vuitton? Why not both?

Imagine going through the shops and you can afford to buy what you want.

Your boss will never give you money to afford what you want.  The point is, with your 9 to 5, most people are living paycheck to paycheck.

Don’t wait and hope. Take your career in your hands. These days, everyone needs an extra money on the side. For example, read from this Blogger:



It started very slowly. Despite having a decent audience, my first month with AdSense brought in around A$60 (around US$45). My first month of Amazon’s Associates program made even less – around $7 or US$5.50. My first month of earnings wouldn’t even get me a coffee a day.

Still, it was a start. And as I slowly built my traffic and got better at using these programs, the income grew.

I don’t typically share my income. But to illustrate how it’s grown, here’s a little insight into these two income streams.
My total Amazon Associates earnings since 2004 is around US$670,000.
My total AdSense earnings since 2004 is around US$2,400,000.


And that point you have to ask your self: “Why didn’t my school teach me how to make money?“. You can literally see how it’s done. The point is – as everyone, every starts small. And then just type and work on it. In fact, they will show you how to make money from your website / blog /magazine. It’s right here:



And the most interesting image (borrowed from same source) is this:


Yes, you  read that.  Amazingly, 10% of  bloggers are not earning from their blogs. Why?
Simple – because they took the “Free Website”.

Keep away from “Free Website”

Yes, keep away from “Free Website” because they have a catch. You can’t make money on them.
You are writing, and you make no money on “free website”. You need your website to monetize  on your writing.

Do you realize that you can have a proper blog or magazine for under $60 ?
Yes, really. Because this is my magazine, and I got that for under  $60. And that  point, every time when you are writing – you are making money.


1. Travel

Traveling is an awesome experience. Obviously, you need money for travel. And with more money will get you faster, further and the better places. For example look at this blog;


Yes, Madeleine is a pilot, and yet, this is her blog. Again, everyone needs an extra money on the side.

Lot’s of girls ( and boys)  have their website / blogs. To make a little extra on the side. So many of them.


Well, we know that with 9 to 5 , you wont get far. Thus – blogs.

Hi buddies 🐠🐟🦈🐙🦑🐡 @visit.dubai #visitdubai

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It is so simple. Just write about places you visited. People want useful details. Where to go, where to eat, where to drink, where to have a fun. You watched a movie? Write about it.  You read a book? Write about it. Did you like it or not. Just  write and that is it. And then videos go to the Youtube, and add a link to your blog. And than you  have a multiple streams of income. That’s  how it’s done.

The more friends and followers on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube – the more visits on your blog.

Bonus: Respect and Independence

Imagine that respect: this is your website or blog or a magazine online. Imagine seeing YOUR name on a website. How about: YOUR-NAME.com And more important: the Independence. Your website, your rules. Your money, your rules.



BONUS 2: Meeting more people

With a blog, you can expect meeting more people. And, you never know, maybe a better quality of boys. Because it is not very likely that you will meet “the perfect one” in the random bar. Don’t believe in the luck. Take your life in your hands!

It is so simple and you get key in the hands to your website / blog / magazine.
Yes, it is a investment but it is easily affordable.

For example, look at this gem I found on internet. They  will give you your domain (YOURname.com) for FREE. Just sign for a year with them, and that’s $29.88. Yup, 29.88 and people are paying $120 per year. Why? Because they are not informed. Some people paid over $500 for their site. Why? Well, they are not informed properly.


And gets better. I found these guys:



  • Your website will be responsive. In other words, your website will be mobile-friendly.
  • We will install WordPress and set it up.
  • Via admin panel, you can add/edit/delete text, images, menu items, video/audio yourself.
  • Via admin panel, you can create unlimited pages/blog articles yourself.
  • We can create a proper Contact page with a contact form.
  • We will set up your Google Analytics setup. You need that. It will  tell you which your articles are more popular. Then keep writing more of them, on the same subject. That’s how it’s done!
  • We will set up your Google Adsense ( Google ads = money)
  • Plus, they will  give you a code that you  can drop ads in your text. All the magazines and pro blogs have it. And you will get it too. For example, I dropped a code after “But, the 3 main reasons you should start a blog will make you think:” as you can see, there is the ad. That’s how it’s done, and how to make money on your blog.
  • We will set up your links to your social media accounts: Faceboook, Instagram, Youtube…

And all that for $29.99
Small investment, and that point, when you write, when you take photos, when you take videos – you making  money.


BTW: Do you realize that the rich and famous people have their website.



So, join the club:

Take a move. Don’t wait!  Don’t sit and hope. After 5 years you will think either:

“I’m glad I have my blog. Extra money on the side.”


“I wonder, how much money would have with my blog.”

Well, here is their button. Well, then just click:

and then to the serversea.com/shared-hosting. BTW – when your blog get more popular, you may need a upgrade on your hosting.



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