7 Amazing Places found on Street View. #5 will make you look twice

Balboa Park, San Diego

If you haven’t used Google Street View yet, you are missing out. On a lot. This free Google’s service lets you cruise through the streets of countless cities around the world simply by using your browser.

It is a part of Google Maps service and although it was conceived as a practical way to find your way around the town(s) it has turned into something more.

It’s not only a quicker and more convenient way to satisfy your wanderlust. It is perfect for a quiet evening at home. There are several forums and sites where users share interesting and beautiful locations they have found. In fact, it is becoming an increasingly popular hobby to sit back, sip your favorite beverage and wonder the streets and roads around the world from the comfort of your own armchair.



And yes, it is not only the city streets that are covered. Street views also covers quite a bit of roads outside the city limits. Fields, forests, meadows… The Street View partially covers all continents while entire USA, Canada and most of Europe have full coverage.

However, today we are staying in California.
For your viewing pleasure, to spark your curiosity and to whet your appetite for the Street View, here are some amazing views of The Golden State.

1. This neighborhood in Irvine, California is built around the body of water.

Irvine, CA

Same location with a view down the street. It looks and feels more like a resort than a residential neighborhood.

Irvine, CA - same street

2. Huntington Harbor.

Huntington Harbor
A place for serious boating enthusiasts. It may remind you of Florida, but this is just off the south western tip of Los Angeles.

3. Can you believe these hills are just outside Los Angeles?

Hills outside LA
If you are new to Google street view, the hills around Los Angeles are definitely a good place to “drive around”.

4. A view from another one of many hills around Los Angeles.

LA hills

5. Just a villa overlooking a good chunk of Beverly Hills.

Los Angeles city center can be seen in the distance (not visible in this screen shot). Can you imagine the view at night from this place?

Beverly Hills villa

6. Amazing view at UCLA campus.

UCLA campus

This also demonstrates a cool architecture trick. Wherever you have a playing field or park of any sort (large open area) any higher buildings around it get a wide open view. With even a minimal effort spent into landscaping the views can be spectacular. Compare that to the crowded skylines of many cities where you have high rise buildings close to one another

UCLA campus - walk in the park
And still on UCLA campus. Good thing they have any attendance at all. I know people would just sit there mesmerized all day long.

7. Balboa Park in San Diego, CA.

Balboa Park, San Diego

If this scene looks familiar, you might have seen it in one of the promotional videos for Bugatti Veyron. This amazing place with a Mediterranean old school look (domes) combined with the Spanish colonial style (church spires + arches) provides a great contrast background to a high tech car.

Did you find more amazing places on Google Street View? Let us know in the comments!



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