Amazing video: watch a phone case repair itself from scratches


It was a while ago, in 2013 that LG presented its G Flex phone. Back then everyone concentrated on the fact that it had a flexible display. But there was another interesting feature of that phone which didn’t receive its fair share of attention: its case had a special coating which could heal itself from minor scratches.

Back then this technology was still in its infancy. The “healing” took some time and in some cases the scratches could be seen at a certain angle.



Fast forward to 2015. A company called Innerexile posted a video to their youtube channel showcasing their latest self-healing material and it’s nothing short of amazing. Technology definitely moved on. You can actually see how the phone case heals itself after being scratched over and over again. This is a standard scratch test with a 3000 gram bronze brush at 25 degrees centigrade.

Now comes the good news – bad news part.

Let’s start with the bad. Don’t get overexcited just yet because these phone cases are not available for purchase yet. Innerexile only announced that they will use this material for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus cases. The Innerexile phone cases you can find on Amazon right now are made with their first generation material. Not this latest stuff.

The good news is that although the case will not make it into the official Apple distribution, it will be available on Amazon which means that you will be able to fit it to your iPhone 6 (Plus) without having to buy a new phone.

How much will it cost?

No price point has been announced, but previous Innerexile phone cases with their first generation material (once again – not the same stuff as in this video) were priced around $25-$30. For example their Hydra Self-Healing Case for iPhone 6 Plus is selling for $24.88.

Here is the video of the latest tech in action:


Then again, NASA developed a material that repairs itself from a bullet hole. However, it doesn’t look so cool and we won’t be seeing phone cases made out of it so soon.





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