Company Headquarters made to look like Star Trek spaceship

Star Trek building

At one point or another we have all marveled at how far the fans of science fiction can take their obsessions. Costumes, toys, replicas, conventions, you name it. But now we have a new record holder. Chinese multimillionaire Liu Dejian didn’t just push the envelope of geekiness. He tore it into little shreds.

It took him roughly 160 million dollars and six years to make his company headquarters look exactly like the space ship from Star Trek. The building is in the city of Fujian, capital of the China’s Fujian Province. The resemblance of the building to the space ship doesn’t end on the outside either. The doors between working areas slide open just like in the series and, as a throwback to the “turbolift” elevator in the Star Trek, there are 30 foot slides going from the third floor to the ground.



Dejian obtained license from CBS to make this life sized replica of the spaceship from his favorite series.
You may raise your eyebrow at the term “life sized” but only if you are not aware of how obsessed dedicated to details the fans of Star Trek happen to be.

There are “official” sizes for each vehicle from the series. These figures are in part provided by the producers of the series and partially calculated based on the scenes in the series showing the exterior and interior of the ships. So, you see, three football pitches length of this building is not arbitrary or made up.

Liu became a fan of the series during his stay in the United States where he studied chemistry at the University of Kansas. After returning to China to develop his gaming business he became known for his playfulness due to many gadgets, pinball machines and sci-fi paraphernalia that he surrounded himself with.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that the the sorce of Mr. Dejian’s wealth are computer games. He owns NetDragon Websoft Inc. which made a number of successful games such as Heroes of Might and Magic Online, Conquer Online, Zero Online and has a contract with Disney for the Disney Fantasy Online. Although the building was finished in 2014, only when one the Star Trek fans found it on Google Earth the story started spreading.

Now, you might look at the picture and say “Well, that doesn’t look like that spaceship of captain Kirk”. Correct you are! There are several Star Trek series. Captain Kirk was in the original series. Then there was that bold guy (Picard) and then came Star Trek: Voyager with captain Kathryn Janeway portrayed by the actress Kate Mulgrew. That is the ship after which Mr. Dejian modeled his headquarters. Did he just like the spacehip or did he have a crush on Kate, we will probably never know.

The fact remains that there was 5 Start trek series. The original series, The Next Generation, Deep Space 9, Voyager and Enterprise. Could it be a coincidence that a computer geek shapes his headquarters exactly after the only Star Trek ship with the female captain? You be the judge of that.

And while you are judging, have a look at the aerial views of these amazing headquarters:



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