Five best part time jobs for college students


Everyone can always use some extra cash. This is especially true for college students. Due to the current state of the economy many students struggle to find a job after graduation so they keep working part time jobs to keep afloat.

With that in mind, it helps to be informed. What are best jobs for college students and all the others looking for part time work?

It depends on your skills

Various discussion boards looked at the subject of best part time jobs and debated it to death and beyond. Only one clear point of agreement emerged: Best part time job depends on your set of skills and preferences. For example programming. web development and website design always find themselves at the top of the list of best paid jobs (part time and full time). But you need specific skills for that. On the other end of the scale you have waiting tables. Anyone can do it. And that’s why it’s always paid meagerly.



So what are the best part time jobs that don’t require huge set of skills but still pays better than minimum wage?

5. Freelance writer / blogger

Some freelance writers earn $50 – $200 per article (ListVerse,TopTenz, A List Apart to name only a few article buyers). Others earn $5 for 300-500 word article on Fiverr. However, every freelance writer can join blog networks where they earn a share of revenue from ads on their articles. And this makes it a big issue. You write an article once. It may bring you only cents per day but it’s for years! That’s what makes it so attractive. Also, this job is a hands down winner in time flexibility. One lazy afternoon you just write an article within an hour or two. Long after you write it, it still drips in a bit of money every time someone reads it and ads get served next to it. Now do that every time you have a bit of time and you start piling up articles and the amount earned. This gives you more weight to get hired for paid articles and more reputation that will help you in any job search.

4. Babysitter

Oldie but goldie. Obviously, babysitting doesn’t bring in the same money per hour everywhere. Compare prices of anything in New York vs Wyoming and you will see why they say that location is everything. It takes a bit of entrepreneurship. You have to find your own clients. However, the beauty of babysitting is in regularity. If you find one client and leave a good impression on the family, this can easily turn into a regular thing.

3. Receptionist

According to, dental receptionists are the most highly paid receptionists with an average of $14.10 per hour. However, lot of other businesses need receptionists. Gyms, restaurants, hotels, motels, spa salons… It is a very wide-spread job which makes it more likely to find and it is decently paid because businesses want happy receptionists since they are the first “face” of the company that comes into contact with the customers.

2. Massage therapist

This job does require some entrepreneurial skills because you have to find your own customers. However, you won’t find a job that pays this well without having any skills at all. Massage therapists average $22 per hour according to Payscale but it can go over $35 per hour in some cities. In fact, Payscale listed it as #1 job for college students. However, it takes some practice and some customers require that their massage therapist has a certificate. Then again, most would agree that interpersonal skills will get you further in this job than a certificate.

1.Business-to business sales representative

This is a winner for several reasons. but the most important one is exactly why a lot of people don’t want this job: It requires entrepreneurial spirit.

You see, when the word “job” and especially “part time job” comes up, some people just imagine themselves waiting tables or some other job where they will be told what to do and what they will make per hour.

But once the entrepreneur in you wakes up then everything changes. You realize that in your mind you will never again be an employee dependent on someone else to determine your wage and work hours while quietly worrying about the layoff. No matter how hard you try your wage won’t change much. Perhaps by 20% over several years.

Instead, you start seeing business opportunities all around you and you realize that you will never be unemployed. because you no longer depend on someone else to give you a job and income. There is so much business, buying and selling going on around you.

For example, think about how many small businesses in your larger area will be getting a website. Can you imagine how much money will change hands there? Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a 20% – 30% cut of it?

Well, you can.

Many web companies will give you a decent percentage for sending clients their way. For example is one of them. Just get in touch with them to get your sales material and start contacting businesses in your area offering their web services.

In some cases you can just print out a sales letter and mail it to small businesses in your area (or leave it in their mailbox or on their reception).

And this is just one example. Many businesses are always on the lookout for sales reps and there is no job interview. Just get information from them and start offering their goods and services to businesses in your area.

It’s a perfect side job because you can just arm yourself with flyers and catalogs from different companies as their sales rep and then every walk down the street is a potential business opportunity. You see a cute looking ice cream shop? They might need a website. Just talk to them or leave them your sales rep flyer offering web services. You see a car mechanic shop? Just leave them your catalog from welding equipment company. Examples go on and on.

There is no cap on how much you can earn, time flexibility is best on this list and in most cases no job interview is required. Anyone who wants to try can give it a shot.

This is especially good for marketing and business majors because it is a real-world job experience and a great resume builder. Once you are done with college imagine sitting in a job interview and having a line in your CV that reads “I sold so-and-so worth of web services / welding equipment / nuts / bolts / anything” while I was still in school. Other applicants who only waited tables part time don’t have a chance.

Even Mark Cuban (billionaire with a “B”) in his 2012 post “Making Money as a┬áStudent” on his personal blog suggested two jobs: selling shoelaces in team colors and programming universal remotes. Essentially selling goods and services. Yes, entrepreneurial minds just don’t think the same as all the others.


The takeaway

Every well paid job requires some skills. Best paid ones take some entrepreneurial skills. Whether we are talking about a hair salon or a real estate agency the person with better skills of selling goods or services will always have a bigger and more stable business. So if there is any set of skills worth learning, any set of skills that will make you look at yourself in the mirror five years from now and say “thank you for being smart enough to learn this”, then it would definitely be entrepreneurial skills.

They bring in the highest pay per hour and no one can pay for that feeling of independence and no longer being desperately dependent on someone to give you a job. The worst thing you can do to your mind and to your life is to get used to being someone else’s employee and not even thinking about changing it.



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