Halloween Costume Ideas For Your Pets


It’s time to start thinking about Halloween.¬† Are you dressing up this year? If so, you might want to dress up your pet as well.

Here are some cute pictures to give you some ideas for your pets costume. Even if you would never dress up your pet, (or simply don’t have one) you can still enjoy the cuteness and the fun of it all.



The Cute Section


We started with the cute costumes. Just look at that picture above of a dog dressed up as two pirates carrying a treasure chest. So let’s continue with the cute. Here is a kitten painted as Pikachu. Can it get any cuter than that?




Yes, it can. Here is a kitten with a witches hat.




And here is a dog dressed up as Thor.




And you can always dress your cat as a lion. If the color even remotely matches – even better.




So here we end the cute section and go into …





The Horror Section


Well, it’s Halloween. We are practically legally required to have a horror section. So let’s start with this bloodthirsty hamster dressed up as Freddy Kruger:




And here is a dog dressed up as Freddy Krueger.




And then there is this recent trend of dressing dogs and cats as giant spiders and other creepy-crawlies.


Exhibit A: Dog dressed as a giant spider.




And here is a cat as a spider:



And another doggie spider (yes, it works great on darker colored pets):




This dogie-being-eaten-by-crocodile gets extra points for creativity but good luck trying to keep your dog in it.



This T-rex costume seems like it could have more chance.



And this brings us to the bonus section:


Pets In Star Wars Costumes


It had to happen. If movie characters end up as pet costumes then it’s not surprising that entire franchise with hard-core fans like Star Wars simply must have a bunch of costumes. So here we go:

Here is a dog dressed up as Imperial Walker.



Doggie dressed up as one of the ewoks:




And of course there had to be Darth Vader. And is anyone surprised that it was someone’s black cat that ended up in Darth Vader costume?




And of course Princess Leia had to show up too (with Anakin/Darth) of course.




And some more of Darth and Leia.



So, which one is your favorite? Let us know (and if you dress up your pet, show us).




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