Inside Of The Billionaire’s Wedding


Last Saturday Said Gutseriev, Russian oil heir and 20 y.o. Khadija Uzhakhovs got married in Moscow. Neither of them are big names in the show business but the world is still abuzz about their wedding. This seems to be the world’s first $1 Billion wedding!

Said’s dad Mihail Gucerijev is one of the 20 richest Russians and he picked up the tab for this singular party. The bride wore a diamond encrusted dress that weighed some 25 pounds. Jennifer Lopez, Sting  and Enrique Iglesias performed for the guests. Elton John and Beyonce also attended. As you can see from the video below the fleet of cars at the wedding is really impressive.

Here you can see Jeniffer Lopez in action:

#JenniferLopez #jlo #свадьбагуцериевых

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The wedding cake was the size of a mini-van.

#Свадьбагуцериевых Как вам торт?)

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After all this we just have to wonder if Jennifer performed her “Love Don’t Cost a Thing..”



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