Jedi and Sith have discovered a book…



No, this is not a Spoiler. Not even a plot for the next Star Wars movie. This is just a weird story from a real world that you will be amazed. The Jedi and Sith are really practicing on their Force.

Just recently I caught up with a friend. We haven’t seen each other for over a year, so we were talking over a cup of coffee about this-and-that. And he is a Jedi.

Their numbers are remarkable. For example in the 2006 census, more than 50,000 Australians listed their religion as Jedi Knight. In the New Zealand according to the census, there is more Jedi then Hindu (Jedi: 1.5%, Buddhism: 1.2%, Hindu: 1.2%.). And they are all serious about it.


The Force

He tells me that they want to learn about the Force. It is the same thing known as Chi or Prana or Ether. Now, you would think that is no such, right. Well, as they said “just try this:”. You can feel it.

Yes, really. Traditional way to feel the Chi is very simple. Just keep your palms close together. Both hands positions works (picture below). And you feel a push in your palms within a few minutes. No, you are not imagining. Everyone feels that. It is real and it is the Chi.




They Want More

Basically they want to do with something. Not just a fantasy. And he tells me things on his phone (youtube). And it is real. For example the Tummo. These people are literally steaming.


They are the Tibetan monks, and their meditation (and their test) is as follows: They are wrapped in the wet sheets. And they are sitting on the ground. In their meditation they will raise their body temperatures to dry their sheets.

You can see it here:

And the Jedi of today wan to learn that. The point is to never feel the cold. This guy below is Wim Hof. And he can teach anyone how to do it. That is the Chi. You have never have to die of the cold. Just google him.


And then meet Mirin Dajo (stabbed with a sword)



This guy in this picture is Mirin Dajo. He learn about the Prana ( AKA Chi AKA Ether) in India. And as you can see he can take stabbed by the sword and he does not need any help by the doctors. And you can see him running around with a sword sticking out. Other Fakirs in India are doing that too. So, Jedi would o learn how he has done that.




Next; Chi master gets animals to sleep

See the video. The Che master gets whole herd of Alpaca is on the ground. And one bison. Obviously, anyone would like to learn about that too.




And much more…

He showed me the research by Rupert Sheldrake, Roger Nelson. and Dean Radin in precognition. And they are sure that they will reach a breakthrough in psychokinesis just like Nina Kulagina and Daniel Dunglas Home. But it gets weird. They are using the book called Hexagradior (



It gets darker: Hexgradior

That book was always seen as notorious. It was used in love spells and death spells. Girls sometimes use that on their sleepover party. Rather benign. But people use that for harm. I asked why would they use the book that talks about death spells. The answer was: “Protection. Everyone needs protection.”

Well, I can understand “protection”. That is fine. People these days can have sword or even guns. So their “death spells” are seen as “next best”. But that is a very blurry line between good or bad. The point is that some people tried spell deaths to try them out.

For example this guys had briefly a blog about how he “experimented” to hurt people from his work. Yes, he choseĀ  a word “experimenting“. And he explained how to use the pins properly in the papers and dolls. He picked a few guys who he did not like. He said that after few weeks of this “experimenting” one guy was hospitalized and 3 guys called sick for doctor appointment . Here is that guy. Check out those claws on him:

He just told colleagues on work stuff like: “Oh, well on our work we all have stress and long sittings. It takes bit of wear and tear on our health.” Imagine that cheek. His explained his claws to the others as “he needed the nails for playing guitar”. And he LOLed about it on his blog that he has never owned a guitar.

And that is the point. The power is attractive. I am sure you know what I mean. Even a little girl kneels to Darth Vader:

So, the Jedi and their religion is real. And they are working on that. We can only hope that they will not turn into the Sith. Because it would be a good idea to be nice to everyone at work. And just smile. Or the next time one of them could try his “experiments“.



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