Viral Video Of A Cat Chilling On The Dashboard Of A Moving Car


Sure, the web is full of cat videos but this one has gathered over 40 million views in just about a week. The cat’s name is Rory. She is 11 months old and was adopted last July.

Yes, all cats like looking out of windows, checking out their environment and chasing an occasional bird, but it is rare to see a cat basking in the sun on the dashboard of a car cruising down the Californian highway. Many cats are afraid of anything that makes noise. Even a vacuum cleaner. Well, not Rory. A real Californian cat. Just chilling in the sun.

After the amazing popularity of the video, the owner opened an Instagram account for Rory in support of the #savethemall. Check out the original video here:

Meet Rory this is @kelsseyyy adopted cat who loves gazing at the sky while she drives. #catsofig
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